'The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice' Brain Herbert 

About the Maker

Ceri Muter

Workshop Facilitator | Fibre Art Maker | Diverse Creative Maker

Ceri Muter

As contemporary arm knitter, intriguingly I knit using only my arms, no needles. I have been arm knitting since 2013, I facilitate workshops, am a fibre art maker and diverse creative maker.

My work is inspired by the connection between individual expression, the handmade process and design. I believe that by expressing the essence of who we are through handmade creations, mindful creativity and sensory experiences we enhance every day. 

I approach my workshops with enthusiasm and gratitude. My workshops aim to empower people with their innate creative potential and cultivate an engaging makers group enriched with like-minded sharing and relaxed, playful learning. Where everyone is inspired by each other and feels a sense of achievement taking home a completed scarf.

Exploring my practice in innovative forms and improvising with natural fibres, unexpected materials and repurposed findings, I design and create statement pieces that are expressive and original. I find creative possibilities flow organically from dwelling in stillness and being attentive to moments.

A contemporary collection of jewellery also evolved from my insatiable inquisitiveness and experimental process. My jewellery reflects individual style, imparting feelings of positivity, enthusiasm, confidence and admiration.

I have been arm knitting for 5 years and have facilitated arm knitting workshops across Sydney, in the Southern Highlands and private tuition in Sydney, Australia and Toronto, Canada. I have been part of the ‘Brave Art’ and ‘Change of Seasons’ group exhibitions and have participated in LOST and SHAF Open Studio Trails. In collaboration with other Makers I has organised and held Pop Up Shops. I am honoured to have been invited to facilitate arm knitting workshops at the Fibre Arts Festival 2018 in QLD.

I live in Sydney, Australia and was born and raised in Ontario, Canada.

Ceri is pronounced as Kerry, just in case you are wondering.


Sydney, Australia