I am Ceri Muter, a contemporary arm knitter, designing and creating artful pieces using the process of arm knitting as well as being a diverse creative maker.

Intriguingly I knit using only my arms, no needles and crochet using only my hands, no hooks. Exploring the art of arm knitting in curious forms and improvising with natural fibres, unexpected materials and repurposed findings I create statement pieces that are expressive and original.

Influenced by slow, sensory, creative living, creative possibilities flow organically from dwelling in stillness and being attentive to moments.

A contemporary collection of jewellery also evolved from my insatiable inquisitiveness and experimental process.  My jewellery reflects individual style, imparting feelings of positivity, enthusiasm, confidence and admiration. 

My work inspires connections between individual expression and design.  Express your essence, enhance every day!

I live in Sydney, Australian and was born and raised in Ontario, Canada.

Ceri is pronounced as Kerry, in case you are wondering.